The Ripple Effect team proudly partner with ethical grassroots causes in Cambodia that share our core values of integrity, compassion, and long-term commitment to the communities they serve.

With a passion for supporting sustainable development efforts that have a lasting impact in the areas we travel, we position ourselves with transparent causes that work with local communities, for local communities.

reach siem reap

Our partner charity REACH Siem Reap is a local Cambodian NGO and Australian Registered charity that works tirelessly to stand alongside more than 100 families, in their fight against poverty.

The team at REACH are passionate about keeping families together.

Poverty is multidimensional and to break the cycle, children need access to equal opportunities whilst their families also receive holistic support. Once a family is enrolled at REACH, all students and their guardians have access to the 11 free integrated programs which the NGO has to offer.

REACH’s community centre operates for more than 200 students 6 days per week, their dedicated local team serves daily school meals while hosting an array of supplementary educational classes from English, to ethics, sport and Computer. On top of this, there is a team of social workers that ensure every beneficiary has access to health care and social services, so that despite the adversity and challenges brough on by poverty, every child that they serve, can remain in school.

REACH supports children from age 5, right through until their significant adolescent years, where they are nurtured through the Youth Pathways program, until they are able to graduate high school, secure scholarships in vocational training, go on to university, or procure fair employment.

Ride 650km with us in January 2025 in support of this worthy cause.

partner with us

We are currently looking to partner with poverty alleviation causes with a strong focus on community development in Siem Reap province.

Causes that align with our company will be those that operate transparently, have local leadership in place and are interested in incorporating ethical cycling experiences into their current fundraising model.

Interested in partnering? Contact Us today.